That very day you came to me,

“The school library can u see?

I recently heard it’s behind the tree

Abut for me it’s still a mystery

Anyways, can you say a friend to me?”



Sure you got it right

Behind the Gulmohor tree, the building is white

Didn’t you see, clear is the sight

And those are the grasses, birds make their flight

On that green board the notices are stuck tight

Nearby the pool the red chair you see,

The head teacher takes her morning tea

Definitely, I am your friend to be

I still remember; the next day you sat next to me


The days bloomed after you came near

Slowly I shared you my every fear

Never in eyes enrolled my tears

For in my darkness you were there

Your “unknown gulmohor” tree we sat together

Those beautiful moments; I’ll forget them never

Right after those moments you shared with me

I assured, you’re my best friend to be


I suddenly started dreaming about you

Getting you closer, sorrows became few

When did this start, how would it end

Neither did I know, nor had any clue

But yes, I did realize

“Oh dear! I’ve fallen for you”


The very next day, I begged on my knee

“I’m just your friend; you’re not made for me”

Those words you replied,

I didn’t know where to be

Same is the wind, same is the tree

Yet nothing is same as it be

For today, you’re not next to me

Thinking all these, I still don’t know where to be


Though you denied on the New Year day

I can still surely say

Not a friend, not a lover


Every morning I wake to wait for night

Cz in my dream you always hug me tight

You come there daily, it’s not new

For the dreams are mine and so are you

I don’t mind dear, my love is true

So I’m sure the next birth I’ll get you

Again I repeat, I LOVE YOU

And till you’re not mine

With enough of patience, I promise,

I shall wait for you!!












When the pages got turned few years back
Marked you smiling, carrying a plastic bag
I commit to memory the date,
Was it the 17th of Jan
And I still remember that winter rain
Me in white, the wait by the casement
Ahhh! Something more I do remember,
You were 15 mins late!

Standing in front of the mirror today
I mark myself making my hair
Even now, I commit to memory the date
Is it the 17th of Jan
And I wonderfully perceive the coldness rain
Still, me in white, the wait in casement
Pathetically i wait, I pray your walk
But this time, i can’t see you smile!

Today, i mark my calendar
For I got everything back except your presence
How I wish many more dates to remember
Be it the 1st of Jan or the 31st   of Dec
Madly i wish to dance with you in the rain
Or be under an umbrella in the summer
Oh dear, don’t gift me a painful wait
as i’m literally hollow by the casement!



Mother to a sister,
a sister to a friend
A friend to an unknown
Not the only words in rumors for you
A desire that should never end
A fair maiden with will as stone
Don’t know who you are
Or what you would be
All known to the world about you,
A desire too strong
Desire which fills a mother with pride
Desire which holds head stand strong when a father rides
Desire which one desires to have beyond seven seas
Standing with a strong will
Innocence portrayed with some spongy toys
Loves cartoons still clashes like hell
A new meaning to desire that fell,
A word that changed its meaning as I see now
Desire now a word which shows no want
Desire a package which only gives
Desire a meaning to offer when one can’t
Desire now a word which teaches people to live
Met in person too less
But can tell this about you
No words are sufficient
No words exist to explain you as I wish to do
But still this broken pen starts to write this lore
Well may be because it is what this desire wished for



When all attempts proven wrong,

They give up blame; I confront a terrific storm

I give up, farther, I try to run

I stop living, roll tears along,

With this birth, as if I’m done

Rebuking and shouting, he then comes

To show the ‘cruel them’, I aint alone

Make me feel your presence; always stand by me

Oh rain,

How sweet can you be?

Quicker you scuttle down just to wrap me

To help me unlock the key

To show them, I aint alone

To make me feel, I aint alone!


This early December,

The sunny bright day,

The daylight hour,

One could never forget to remember

In favor of the rays sun rewarded

Though, for me, was meant the shade,

For in my fate, was written

To sit and watch a soul cremate,

Feebly watch a closeness cremate,

Impatiently pray not to,

Still accept the nearness finish to ashes,

My pain get no less

When people try my comfort

‘die your friend, your friendship shall remain’

To that, a different feel bound me

May a blessed child of Deity I be

For this sunny December,

I desperately ask the shade not to

Still helplessly I accept,

The LAST RITES in front of me,

My friendship to die,


When my friend is alive!




I know,
how flavorsome it tastes
how soothing it smells
how gorgeous it airs
how powerful it feels
how complete I celebrate
I know, how desirable the universe lights

Then I wake up to my reality
And know,
how deep it pains
how famished it craves
how dry it thirsts
As I cry, was it just a dream?
Yet, I don’t stop dreaming
that dream outshines my truth
and some dreams are just meant to be dreamt!

My Identity

My Identity

Each day I grow, a cheerful world I see
My son, my husband and me
The bed tea and a packet of biscuit I serve
And with love, my family take it all
My son leave for the best school downtown
And all evening I wait my family be as one
But there, I perceive a cook-a-doodle do
I drink water and when to the next bed I be
My paralyzed husband and a hungry son I see
I go to the kitchen;
The bed tea and a packet of biscuit to serve
But not even a cup of milk there be
I beg for a job, the whole day I search
none I ever get; a lady I be with curse
A day however, a man insisted to pay
Within no time, I agreed,
let me make money, I say,
Even when  I had no clue about my business
A business women I would be
He took me to his place the day next
And there I had a business to sell my body
I love my husband, my son and even me
But always in my bed
A paralyzed husband and a hungry son I see
Each day I get paid, to cure my husband
I share my femininity for I am in need of money
and so he does, though not in need of riches
But with wife isn’t he satisfied sexually
Today a wise man in him people see
And here, for eternity, a prostitute, my identity be!